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  • Available from August
    Wonderful and rare Classic Postcard Irish Calendar 2024 28 images, Cork to Dublin .Kerry to Belfast, Galway to Waterford .
    Much more than a Calendar.
    A piece of history to keep and  for the future
    Limited edition
  • Exclusive design pure Cotton T shirt with great looking logo on the back of T shirt
    You just might find your POT OF GOLD
  • Exclusive design pure Cotton T shirt with great looking logo on the back of T shirt
    You just might find your POT OF GOLD
  • Sale!
    This book has been a few years in its construction, I have looked far and wide to find the most interesting and rare postcards and tried to cover as much of the Country as possible. None of these wonderful postcards have been altered or enhanced, they are all in their original state. This a book that you and your loved ones will treasure for always. A pinch of Dublin, a dollop of Galway, a scoop of the Lakes, a large slice of Belfast, and a dash of Cork, mix all of these together slowly adding a piece of Clare, (large) with a portion of Limeric, Donegal and Roscommon, now add to this a double helping of Wicklow and Kildare, with a generous sprinkling of all of the rest.
  • In this book Tom Cronin has taken some real life experences with a mixture of fiction and factual stories. From Casablanca to Taiwan, Cork to Kilkenny, This book is a journey through life itself and brings you the very best in Irish storytelling with some beautiful illustrations.
  • And I Thought I Could Fly is an inspiring autobiography, full of humour, adventure, with good and bad times. It includes several photographs. Tom Cronin has led an eventful life. He was born into a poor family in Ireland during the 1950s. His mother's life was cut short at the age of twenty-seven. Tom spent most of his childhood detained at a strict Industrial School. After the difficult early years Tom's life began to improve. He got a job as a deck boy on a cargo ship on the way to Africa. He has had a variety of jobs since, but now dedicates his time to helping survivors of abuse.

    This book came together by accident, so to speak; let me explain. I had in my possession some images of both Dublin and Cork, dating back to the 1960s, also some more recent ones of the Bridges of Dublin and Cork and, just recently, I found some rare and old photos of Ireland and in particular Dublin and Cork taken around 1895. Just as important is the wonderful text relating to both the time and mindset of that period. For instance it refers to the Rising of Robert Emmet and its 100 year anniversary. All in all a rare and great arrangement of photos of a time long since gone, and a glimpse of a short period of our history. Enjoy.
  • This book is both factual and fiction, it begins in Greece at the start of W.W.2, but moves to America, to encompass the American way of life. This is a pacey and busy book that has a new twist on every page, it is the kind of book that you will want to read again in case you missed something the first time.


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